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Canada’s Indigenous Martial Arts System

Okichitaw is a unique, powerful, practical martial art based on traditional native combat methods and techniques. It involves hand-to-hand techniques using the whole body, aboriginal weaponry, and a very active fitness program – all grounded in native culture and values.

Oki Chi Taw focuses on specific Plains-Cree wrestling, weaponry, techniques and their respective movements. Indigenous weaponry such as the gunstock war club and knife are applied throughout the system. Hand-to-hand techniques are utilized, but the adoption of impact weapons into this system is always present.


We Invite You To Our Training Lodge

Our students come from all backgrounds. Some started with no martial arts experience and some have significant experience with other traditions. Our students are aboriginals and non-aboriginals, 7 to 50+ years old, females and males, with varying rates of participation (some come once or twice a week, some come 3 times every week).

Whether you’re interested in getting into or staying in shape, looking to add discipline and self-control to your life, concerned about safety and self-defense, or you want to learn more about aboriginal culture – Okichitaw offers all of this.

Want to learn more! Come out and watch a class or bring sweat pants and a t-shirt to train with us. See if this martial way fits for you. We welcome you to our training lodge (mistiko kamik) and hope you like what you see.

We have 2 training lodges in central Toronto. Check our Training Calendar for times.

OKICHITAW Indigenous Martial Arts
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
16 Spadina Road (Spadina north of Bloor)
Toronto, Canada

map of NCCT


OKICHITAW Indigenous Martial Arts
Rivervdale Martial Arts & Wellness Centre
838 Broadview Avenue (Broadview north of Danforth)
Toronto, Canada

map of Riverdale MA

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